Though our country’s traditional funeral service with burial is still the most common way to commemorate the end of someone’s life, cremation is another option that is becoming more popular. Cremation provides a wide variety of options with regards to the remains and can be completely personalized for all beliefs.

Planning and Process

Cremation is only an alternative to the burial of the body. Choosing cremation doesn’t mean you can’t have a visitation before the cremation process, which often allows family, friends and loved ones to better accept the loss. A visitation can be at the funeral home or church, but can be held in a wide variety of other locations as well. A funeral or memorial service can be held, and many crematories have viewing rooms for the cremation process. You can also request internment of the ashes in a cemetery, near a loved one.

Cremation reduces the body to ash and dust, which can be safely kept by loved ones, scattered in a special place, placed in a niche at a cemetery, or interred in the ground near a loved one. Rather than limiting your options, cremation often opens up many other choices that may better fit the personality of the deceased.

Loving Memorialization

In addition to having more options in terms of disposition of the cremated remains, cremation also offers a wide variety of memorialization options. Whether kept in a keepsake urn, placed lovingly in a variety of memorial pieces, or interred in the ground, a mausoleum, or niche at a cemetery, there are many choices available to help you best memorialize your loved one.

Personalization and Customization

Cremation can be combined with many other traditions, which can also be personalized and customized to best match your loved one’s personality and interests. Services and viewings can take place in a variety of locations, whether before, during, or after cremation. The cremated remains provide you with a number of options, whether it’s a traditional burial, scattering the ashes in a loved one’s favorite place, or keeping the remains close to your heart.

Dealing with end-of-life decisions is never easy, but cremation offers many options that a traditional funeral won’t always permit. At Seawright Funeral Home and Crematory, we’ve been taking care of our community’s end-of-life needs since 1925. Please contact us with any questions.