When you’re planning end-of-life services, it’s very common to have some questions. End-of-life arrangements often happen during a stressful and upsetting time, so it’s hard to know what is appropriate or what can be done to personalize the service to honor your loved one.

Some people want to know what needs to be done, what options are available, and how to go through the planning process. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section helps address common questions about what to do when a death occurs, what options are available when preparing for a funeral, how to personalize the funeral or memorial service to best honor your loved one, what happens and what is acceptable with cremated remains, and estate planning issues that people are often reluctant to discuss before death occurs.

Others want to know what kind of memorial keepsakes can be designed for themselves and other loved ones. We offer a wide range of memorial keepsakes to help you remember your loved one. Cremation offers a wide range of options to keep your loved one close after your loss and can include items such as keepsake urns and memorial lights, among other options.

People who want to contribute but aren’t sure how, may choose to express their support through local services. This can include florists to help decorate the funeral service and graveside while delivering some beauty into the lives of the bereaved left behind. Many people find they prefer to send flowers a week or two after the funeral service to help brighten the day of those who have suffered the grief and loss of a loved one.

People who have experienced the loss of a loved one may need grief support services to help them through the transition. Grief is a complicated emotional process that includes denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance, but these stages often happen in any order. You may find yourself returning to a stage you’ve already been through or discovering that the stages can take different amounts of time. We’ve formed a network of services and resources over the years to help you through this difficult time.

Whatever your needs are, these resources will help you with questions and allow you to begin the healing process after a loss. At Seawright Funeral Home and Crematory, we’re here for you. Reach out to us with any questions.