When someone passes away, those who are left behind often benefit from having the chance to gather and remember their loved one. A funeral is typically held within a week of the death and has the remains of the individual present. When family cannot gather quickly enough to have a funeral or when the remains cannot be presented at the service, a memorial service may be the way the family chooses to remember their loved one.

What Is a Memorial Service?

A memorial service is a service held to honor someone who has passed away. The time frame for a memorial service is more flexible, and they can be held several weeks after the death, if necessary. Postponing the service gives relatives who live out of state or out of the country the chance to travel to be part of the service.

How Is a Memorial Service Different From a Funeral?

A memorial service may often be more informal than a funeral service. They give attendees the chance to share fond memories of the deceased, without the formal pressure of presenting a eulogy.

Memorial services can be held at the funeral home or church, but they are often held at less formal locations. A park, a relative’s home, or a community center can also be the location of a memorial service. These services can be completely personalized to meet the needs of the family and the wishes of the deceased. People are often invited to mix and mingle as they share recollections of the deceased, and snacks or beverages are often included.

A memorial service will often include a register for guests to sign. This is a place to leave a written memory of the one who passed on. Guests may be given a memory card to place a memory on to give to the family. These memories are great treasures for those who are grieving a close family member and can provide great comfort in the days ahead.

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