Like many other monumental events, end-of-life services and funerals require quite a bit of planning. Often, this is more than one might expect to handle when suddenly faced with the passing of a loved one.

Through pre-planning, you can help answer some of these questions for your loved ones. Pre-planning helps to not only ensure your ceremony is exactly to your specifications, but it also helps alleviate some of the stress your loved ones may experience during their time of grief. They will find comfort in knowing that you will receive the service you desire.

But where do you begin to plan for end-of-life service arrangements? Our free pre-planning checklist guide walks you through a number of details to assist in creating your arrangements. These include:

  • Who to notify of your passing
  • Final resting place
  • Favorite songs
  • Location of necessary documents

Download our free pre-planning checklist guide below. Fill it in on your computer or print and fill out. Then make sure to keep it in a safe place, and share with a loved one where it can be found. You may also begin the pre-planning process online, or contact us to schedule a consultation on the benefits of pre-planning.

Pre-Planning Guide Pre-Planning Guide (643 KB)