A main element of a traditional funeral service is the viewing or visitation service. In many ways, this one aspect of the burial process is the most important. However, before communicating why we at Seawright Funeral Home feel the visitation or viewing is so beneficial, it is important to learn exactly what this service entails.

The visitation service usually involves the presentation of the body to family members and friends. Visitation most often takes place over the course of several hours and can involve multiple days. Each family chooses how long each visitation service should be and how many visitation sessions they will hold. Visitation can be held at our facilities or off-site at the location of your choosing.

Benefits of Visitation or Viewing Services

Offers Opportunities to Say Goodbye

When a loved one passes, there are many people who want to come and pay their respects to both the departed and the individuals who remain. The visitation service gives the opportunity for those individuals to do just that.

Allows Families and Friends Time to Fellowship

Although losing a loved one is a sad situation in general, some good can come from the process. Family members and friends gathering together present an opportunity for loved ones to catch up with one another. Many times, this fellowship involves the sharing of memories involving the departed, which helps those remaining endure their loss.

Gives Family Members a Chance to Process Their Loss

Having a visitation service before the funeral and burial or cremation service allows family members a chance to process the loss of their loved one. It provides a buffer between the experience of the death and the funeral service itself.

Allows Others to Give

During the visitation service, people can send flowers or food or donate money in the memory of the departed. This outpouring of support, which usually is expressed during the visitation service, reveals the impact that a person had on others during their life. This can often be a comfort to those left behind.

A visitation service is an opportunity to allow those who are not in the immediate family or who are close friends the opportunity to pay their respects to the dearly departed. Additional options, such as the memorial DVD that we offer, allow the visitation to become even more special through the showcasing of special memories. Therefore, choosing to have a visitation service is a recommended part of any burial or memorial service.