Whether you choose a burial or cremation, there are many opportunities to create a loving, personalized and dignified tribute to your loved one. Our respectful staff at Seawright Funeral Home can assist you in planning any of the services we offer, detailed below.

Viewing and Visitation

This option, also sometimes called a wake, allows family and friends to come together to pay their last respects. The visitation is typically held at the funeral home but can also be held at a church or another location of your choosing. The visitation can be just a few hours or last for one or more days.

Funeral Service

Funeral services are a formal gathering to remember the deceased. The funeral may be held at our funeral home or another location. Friends and family-members of the deceased may say eulogies or share their stories. A member of the clergy or a non-religious leader can speak, offer comfort, and talk about your loved one’s life and character.

Graveside Service

This is a burial service that occurs in the cemetery. It can be held after the funeral, prior to a memorial service, or serve as the sole service held.

Witness Cremation

This is a cremation ceremony where family members can watch from a viewing room as the deceased person’s body enters the crematory. These are intimate ceremonies usually only attended by close family members.

Post Cremation Committal Service

After a cremation, the family may choose to bury the urn or put it in a church niche, mausoleum, or another permanent resting place. The ceremony is similar to a funeral and may include an officiant, such as a clergy member.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is, in most respects, similar to a funeral. However, the body of the deceased is not present. You may hold a memorial service soon after burial or cremation or at a later date.

There are many ways to personalize services, no matter which option you choose. Talk to us, and we will help you craft a tribute that reflects the unique and valued life of your loved one.