The FEDERAL Truth in Lending Act is a very large and cumbersome document intended for finance companies and banks that lend monies. This includes a schedule of percentage rates, payments, etc.

Funerals can be very expensive; and if we had a finance office, then the cost would be even higher to offset the salaries, offices, and supplies of a finance department. Therefore, we have decided to leave the loaning of funds to the banks, finance companies, etc. We will be more than glad to point you in the direction of a reputable finance company or bank that may be able to assist you.

We do not give discounted services; we do not feel it is fair for one family to pay more in good faith when they have planned while allowing another family the opportunities of discounted prices.

Occasionally a situation will exist where a family may have no funds immediately available and for different reasons, may not have the credit necessary to obtain funds for a funeral. To help facilitate these families, we have options available. Please contact us for this information. These options are firm and cannot be flexible.